Penn Township Fall Festival

Sept. 17 - 19, 2021

Penn Twp Municipal Park

2001 Municipal Ct. Harrison City, PA 15636


Blue Ribbon Apple Pie Contest Rules

  1. Open to any individual
  2. Entry to be pie that must include 60% Apples in the filling. It does not need to be a "Traditional" two crust Apple pie and it can have a variety of fillings
  3. The entire Pie must be submitted for judging in a disposable pie pan (All pans plates and dishes are considered to be disposable and will not be returned)
  4. All Entrants must attach an index card with name address phone number
  5. Refrigeration is not available
  6. All Pies will become property of Penn Township Fall Festival
  7. Judging will be based on the following criteria:
    Flavor 30 points
    Filling: Consistency, doneness, moistness & flavor. 25 points
    Crust: Color, flavor, texture doneness. 20 points
    Overall Apperance. 15 points
    Creativity. 10 points
  8. PRIZES: 1st place $100 2nd place $75 3rd place $25 total 100 points
  9. Note: Creativity is essential to a varied competition. Do not Limit your pie to traditional. We are looking for a variety of fillings in the pie but must be 60% Apples

Scarecrow Contest

  • Eligibility
    Open to all ages, Individuals, Families, Clubs, Groups, Organizations, Businesses
    Youth entries must be completed by children. Parents may assist in placing scarecrow on display
  • Judging
    By visitors of the Penn Township Fall Festival. Ballots available at the Festival Committee booth. Located at the corner on the left hand side. Votes will be counted on Sunday starting at 1pm and Winners will be announced at 2 pm
  • Display
    Scarecrows must be in good taste and not reflect Controversial, Social, or Political situations
    No handouts, promotional materials or free handouts can be associated with any entry
    Scarecrow must be brought to the Festival Friday September 20th between 3 pm and 5pm
    Or Saturday between 11am and 1pm and registered at the Committee booth
    Scarecrows must be picked up and removed by Sunday September 22 by 4pm
  • Materials
    As all scarecrow entries must remain on display outside from Sept 20 thru Sept 22 and may be subject to severe wind, rain or other weather elements The construction should be durable and all ornaments securely attached. No perishable goods maybe used in construction or display. No Glass or Large Appliances.
  • Armature
    Each scarecrow must have a horizontal support of wood for the body (2x4 post perfered).This support is needed as each scarecrow will be wired to a steel post for display. Builder of the scarecrow should bring method of of attachment to post by wire or rope.
  • Size limitations
    Minimum height 4 ft maximum height 8 ft maximum circumference 4 ft
  • Penn twp fall festival and their agents will not be held responsibly for any injury or damage accessed with the 2019 Scarecrow Contest
  • Penn twp fall festival may use photos of, stories of and actual scarecrows as well as information contained on entry for publicity and promotion of the event